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the ronettes - be my baby



(by yyellowbird)

Anonymous asked - "I wish you were into girls."

i mean, i’m not not into girls.

Anonymous asked - "are you single ?"

Anonymous asked - "do you ever get anxiety about not being stable? how do you deal with it? how do your parents feel about how you live? i wish i could feel so free but i feel so trapped in college and like i am wasting my life/money away here but i don't have a choice :("

(sorry it takes me a billion years to respond to asks) yeah definitely. i think i make my parents sad, ha. i get really nervous about my stability or lackthereof, my potential for success and happiness, or lackthereof. but, i don’t know, i think i’ll feel trapped and scared and nervous no matter what i’m doing. i think that’s how things are for a lot of people. it’s hard to escape that. the only thing that makes me feel safe is that i can run away if i want to. i try to keep a little bit of savings so i can just disappear if i want to. i can run away anytime. that makes me feel better you know? knowing that. but you’re not trapped in college. you’re intelligent enough to be aware of your situation and have these concerns, so i’m sure you’re intelligent enough to make the best of it while you’re there. and if you need to take time off, then don’t feel ashamed of doing so. there’s so many things you can do to make time not in school productive and worthwhile.

(by yyellowbird)

Anonymous asked - "I wish I could take all the admiration and awe I have for you and let you use it for yourself. I hope that doesn't backhandedly sound like an insult or pity ... It's just so you'd know you never have to doubt your worthiness or beauty."

that’s so nice. it is probably one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me. thankyou a real real lot, anon. that’s such a nice thing to have someone feel about me.

Anonymous asked - "This might be rather personal so I do not expect you to answer this if you'd rather not, but I've always wondered if you were close to your family and parents? I guess it's just a side of you we have never gotten to see and I've always been curious."

it’s not too personal, no! i’m not terribly close with them. i mean, i like my mom and my dad and my brother and my whole family a lot, and i’d really like to be close to them. it sounds so dumb but i’m, like, crazy nervous around my family. i have absolutely no idea how to talk to any of them. so i’m just really quiet and i probably come off cold and like i don’t care for them, which makes me really sad. i hope they know i care about them and i’m just weird idk.