songs i got right at name that tune night:
the theme songs for doug and inspector gadget
and bust a move by young mc

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do you ever think about how america’s funniest home videos is the original vine

Anonymous asked - "no you answered all of my questions, thank you! I'm going to be 18 soon, i don't have my license and I feel really restricted. I really feel like I need to explore because I've been stuck in the same place for so long. I feel like i'm going insane. there's so much pressure to go to college, have a good job, be confident with yourself. I'm so uncomfortable with my appearance. I need to get out but i have no where to go or anywhere to get there. Do you ever feel like you're just.. stuck?"

oh gosh, yeah, i feel stuck all the time. i don’t think i can live up to the pressures of going to college (which, obviously as a 25 year old, i was unsuccessful at completing school within the normal time frame), and going to work terrifies me, and being seen in public looking the way i do terrifies me, and i don’t know. getting your license and learning to drive will help so much though, i promise. a lot of the time i’m too nervous to go places, but sometimes just driving around in the country or driving to, like, an antique store and walking around feels really nice. i’m always scared i’m going to fuck up when i’m driving, but it’s been okay so far. you can do it! if i can, anyone can, haha. i wish i had advice on how to not feel so stuck but that’s the only thing i feel anymore.

Anonymous asked - "I saw that you were perfect and so I loved you. Then I saw that you were not perfect and I loved you even more."

i mean who are you. like are you just saying that or do you love me or what.

Anonymous asked - "do you have your license? how do you have a job and still travel a lot? do you travel alone or with friends/family? do you ever get nervous going into abandoned places? do you ever get nervous photographing yourself in places?"

yes i do! i don’t know how old you think i am—i know a lot of people think i am young but i am not :[—but i’m 25, and i only got my license a year ago. i was so afraid to drive; i have lots of anxiety and terrible vision. but learning to drive has really changed my life, and i’m so much happier because of that. basically i will get a part-time minimum-wage service industry job and work for awhile and save money and quit when i have enough to travel or do other things until i run out of money and then have to get another job again. i recently had some health and other things kind of issues that cost a lot of money, so i am working a lot right now to try and make money. i can’t travel or even explore locally and it’s destroying me honestly. i am so sad and restless all the time. but anyway, i travel with friends or people i have dated usually. i feel like going somewhere on my own soon. no, i don’t really get nervous going into abandoned places—not anymore anyway. i used to do. the only thing i’m scared of now is getting caught, but even if i got arrested i guess it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. so no, i’m not nervous. i do get nervous photographing myself in places—i don’t know if you meant public places, but yeah, that makes me nervous—but even photographing myself when no one else is watching makes me nervous. self-portraits are so stressful and taxing and i often feel exhausted and agitated afterwards. that sounds dumb, that i feel that way and still do it, but i don’t know, i don’t think making things has to feel good always to be rewarding. this was very tangential i am sorry.

Anonymous asked - "I really like your recent picture. It's very different from the others."

thankyou x

(by yyellowbird)
this is dean. i went to his house yesterday.

this is dean. i went to his house yesterday.

trash magic

trash magic

tryna draw. not done obvi.

tryna draw. not done obvi.