Anonymous asked - "I noticed that even people who claim that everything is predestined, and that we can not change anything, always look around, crossing a road."

I know what you are trying to say

i hope that i am doing something important
i hope that i am recording things that will mean something many years from now
i hope the things i make will represent a specific span of time and transcend it also

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the one and only

the one and only

Anonymous asked - "do you have any pets?"

right now i don’t. :[ i live by myself in a weird empty house. i really want a dog but i don’t have a yard. also i have met my true dog soul mate and it is hard to move on.

Anonymous asked - "Ever done nude portraits?"

Anonymous asked - "Hello small American woman, I have business proposition. I am part of fighting ring where small women box each other while they are sitting on the shoulder of very tall man.You are small but have the heart of the warrior (did you kill the wolf very impressive). While I am very tall and have comfortable shoulders. Together we could win very much money. If this venture excites you I will contact you with my secert underground fighting tumblr."

This is my favorite message I’ve ever received. Yes a thousand times.

house fire, tennessee, a long time ago

house fire, tennessee, a long time ago

Anonymous asked - "How tall are you?"

5’1” :(

Anonymous asked - "what kinds of shoes do you think go best with knee or thigh high socks?"

mary janes obvi. also bass saddle shoes. i like to wear platform sandals with tall socks too.