Anonymous asked - "You really are one of the most genuine and interesting people I follow on my tumblr*"

ugh goddamn you nice people being so nice when i’m so sad tonight. thank u. <3 xxxx

yayo yayu

Anonymous asked - "I'm obsessed with you, if that's OK? I think it's rude not to ask?"

yeah it’s cool

Anonymous asked - "well"

well what?

Anonymous asked - "Do you have any photos of yourself from your Gallery Show, looking classy and eating cheese & crackers?"

naw man. just lookin a fool.

always and forever

always and forever

Anonymous asked - "Memoria de mis putas tristes.."

fav anon msg  <3 i mean i love it 

Anonymous asked - "You looked Fly AND Classy!!"

who are you. you saw me. who.

Anonymous asked - "I thought it sounded like "I was sure butch, until we touched"? but I was never certain?"

ohh i don’t know. i mean, i thought it was i was your butch and you were touched, but i don’t know for sure; i was just listening so. thankyou for reading my twitter though. i mean, it’s stupid, but it’s nice to reach somebody sometimes.

Anonymous asked - "I only feel good about myself when I'm on my own - but perhaps a lonely persons club with only two members and no outside interference would be the ideal?"

are u asking me out or